Ferst Center

The Ferst Center at Georgia Tech really had a winner this week, with the fantastic dance troupe, iLuminate.

The company uses incredible technology associated with dance to weave a tale of a young artist seeking to connect with the real world.  The story really isn’t the essence of the show, as the show itself is so incredibly unique in so many ways.

If you recall having seen Blue Man Group and thinking that was off the edge, then you would love this group if you ever get a chance to see them.  Unlike any other dance group you have ever seen, this is like watching electronic robots glow in the dark and move in a way that real humans would never be able to do; except that these are real humans, and real artists.   I’m sure you can Google them and find some Utubes.

The Ferst Center was pretty much a sold out house, and everybody there from 6 to 96 was having a grand time.   This company has worked with many major corporations, has been involved with education programs for youngsters, been seen in Asia, Europe and around the world.  The photo above is just one peek at how they come of on stage.

What more can I say?  Other than, don’t miss a chance to take in this incredible performance should you ever see them playing someplace when you are there.

Next up at the Ferst Center will be The Blind Boys of Alabama on Friday, December 9th.  More info and details can be found at