Into the Woods

Into the Woods
City Springs Theatre
through July 18, 2021

Whether you recall seeing Sondheim’s opus on screen or on stage, you will recall the principal melody which shows up in several numbers as well as Agony, and maybe a couple more. The production at City Springs Theatre under the direction of Kayce Grogan-Wallace is a true Broadway quality; with a fine set and props, costumes, and great cast as well as a full orchestra in the pit under the baton of Chris Brent Davis.

While the show is allegedly for viewers from 5 to 95, it really seems to relate more to the older kids with the AARP cards. They will get the morals squirreled away in the story line and lyrics. We figure out at a certain age that not every good deed results in great appreciation and pleasure; but that as you go through life, you need to be careful what you wish for.

But, you will meet up with Cinderella (Leigh Ellen Jones), Rapunzel (Rayven Bailey) and Jack (Haden Rider) as they deal with the good and evil in the woods. The witch (Terry Burrell) is bent on imposing her will upon all and she is truly one to be avoided when possible. The stories also include one of a poor chap who seeks to sell his cow, Milky White (Davon Farmer) for a few pounds rather than beans. Milky is an udder delight on stage.

The show runs a little more than 2½ hours, Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday matinee. Valet and garage parking onsite, and every seat has good view of production. More info and tickets at