Invasion: Christmas Carol

Invasion: Christmas Carol
Dad’s Garage
through December 30, 2017

Who else, other than Dad’s Garage, would have the cajones to stage a show with a substantial cast and a full script, and then let different unscripted characters invade the show in each performance. The uninvited visitors are not known to the scripted actors and so once the invasion occurs they have to make up their own story lines and actions to deal with it.

And it is a hoot. Andy Coen is the lead as Scrooge. But, he ain’t the Scrooge you and your kids know. In fact, this is not for the kiddies, but for open-minded adults who would like an evening of randy enjoyment. Ed Morgan directs this ooopus which also features various characters played by Rickey Boynton, Perry Frost, Mel Hardy, Whittney Millsap, Joshua Quinn and Maged Roushdi.

Yes, it does have a Tiny Tim and a Fezziwig, and Scrooge thinks a holiday such as Christmas is a pure humbug. But there’s plenty else that’s new in this one.

Dad’s Garage is located in a former church on Ezzard St, down in the Old Fourth Ward. You can get online driving directions. Plenty of free parking and come early to enjoy the concessions area with cabaret style seating. This one runs about 2 hours, which includes an intermission. More info and tickets at