Jake Shimabukuro


Jake Shimabukuro

Ferst Center

It’s an amazing world, . . Jake is a native of Hawaii. He’s a 38 year old musician and composer who’s been playing for only 34 years. But, his career took off like a rocket after more than 8 million fans watched his YouTube video some years ago.

As he says; who would ever have thought of a solo ukulele player going on tour? Well he certainly does that and plays all around. He is came here for a one-nighter and I can tell you that everyone in the audience felt as if they are at a great family evening. When you see a show like his, and the energy he uses up, you wonder how he could possibly do his next gig the following night in Austin, TX. But that’s exactly what he did.

His show runs about an hour and a half with non-stop energy. He attacks the uke like Arthur Rubinstein did the keyboard. Ukulele players are not using picks, so when you watch him with his incredible speed you begin to wonder how his fingers can withstand the pressures of work.

Forget about typical ukulele music from guys with leis around their neck and playing Don Ho or Tiny Tim numbers. This musician takes off like a jet plane, and delivers both percussion and melody from that small 4-string instrument, like you have never before heard. In this show on tour he is backed up a friend, Nolan Verner, on bass guitar; and they truly enjoy their work together.

You may want to check Jake out online, and on YouTube, and remind yourself that the next time he is coming to town, to get your tickets early. He played to more than 800 happy faces last night at the Ferst Center at Georgia Tech. Their next offering open to the public will be on December 12th when they present Dee Dee Bridgewater doing her jazzy jazz numbers. For more info and tickets visit their website at FerstCenter.org