Lionheart Theatre
through May 21, 2023

Paul Rudnick’s opus about some men dealing with the HIV problems in New York City in the 90’s won an Obie in 1993 as an outstanding off-broadway new play. With great guts and gusto Lionheart brings it to stage under the direction of Scott King.

Ray D. Amell plays Jeffrey and one of the things the players agree on is that drag is not a crime, butg rather a choice. And you get to see Gregory Fitzgerald as Darius, who is deeply into the problems. It can make you also think about what we have all been through with this Covid crap.

And while this one isn’t for kiddies, even though they serve up great treats at intermission; there are some things which could offend some ultra religious folks. Especially when Barry West comes on as Father Dan.

In today’s world we are fortunate that we try to understand what motivates others, while we keep trying to work out our daily lives. The play runs Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 and Sundays at 2pm. Info an tickets at