Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities

Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities
Cirque du Soleil
through May 8, 2016

Yes. A MUST SEE . . .

Over three decades, Cirque du Soleil, out of Montreal, has brought worlds of wonder and fantasy to the world at large with touring shows and some permanent productions such as “O”, which is still playing in Vegas. With thousands of employees they are probably the largest live entertainment organization in the world, and this new show is one of the very best they have done in quite a while.

The show is kind of tied to a steampunk start-off, as the strange critters manage to warp time, space and sizes to fit whatever dreams they wish to participate in. You needn’t worry about not getting into a story; because the total excitement of the acts will blow you away. One may assume that most of the incredible acrobatic performers are from Eastern Europe; as many of their cast members are from that area and China.

The music is stuff you haven’t heard before, and the lyrics (when there are some) may be unintelligible but it is just musical wallpaper for the performers. The costumes and props are right out of a kid’s fairy tale, and in this one nobody gets hurt; so it is totally kid-friendly.

Cirque has now come back to performing in their Grand Chapiteau at Atlantic Station. There is plenty of parking adjacent to the tented areas, and there are heat generators so you can be quite comfortable. I guess the bottom line on this one is that on the proverbial scale of 1 to 10, this is at least a 12. It is soooooo exhilarating that when the show comes towards the end you kind of wish it would go on for another hour.

The official site for the show is at CirqueDuSoleil.com/kurios where you can get more info and order tickets. There are also plenty of third party ticket vendors whose sites will pop up if you google the show. They are playing to very full houses, and everybody is loving it. If I sound overly enthusiastic, then maybe I need to see it again, and again . . .