Cirque du Soleil
through December 24, 2022

They’re Back! And what a delight. This huge group is just one part of Cirque which has grown from a couple of dozen Montreal street performers more than 30 years ago to the worlds #1 touring circus with thousands of performers and staff. For instance, this show has more than 100 performers many of whom are from other nations including Asia and eastern Europe.

Kurios played here a few years ago before te epidemic took a hit at the entertainment industry. Albeit, this seems to be a revised edition of the former show; regardless of that it is still a show that draws you in from the first note of the live band. The props are totally different from any you may have seen before, while the costumes are totally unique and every person in the house, be they age 8 or 88, just loves every minute of their show.

So much of the aerobics are done seemingly without grand sized safety nets. Once again they have brought their huge facility to Atlanta Station area in downtown Atlanta. Easy to reach from anywhere with plenty of parking, and a surplus of entertainment and goodies from the first step in the gate.

This is as good as anything you will see in Vegas or NYC, and there’s plenty of info and tickets at CirqueDuSoleil.com