Leaving Iowa

Leaving Iowa
Onstage Atlanta
through May 6, 2018

As the search for a new venue goes forth for Onstage Atlanta, this is another one of their works being presented in a temporary location. This one is being performed at the Art Station in Stone Mountain Village.

If you recall the days when your parents shoved in the back of the station wagon and hit the road, then you’ll relate to this one. Darrell Wofford plays the Dad, but we don’t see that he has passed on when the first act starts. You may recall the kids always asking “are we there yet?” or “can we stop here?” So the imaginary Dad and Mom (Courtney Loner) are in the driver’s seats and Don (Daniel Carter Brown) and his Sis (Madelayne Shammas) are the back seat imps. Don had flown in from Boston to take this trip of memories.

They hit the road to try to find the geographic center of the 48 states; albeit there ain’t much there. Along the way the run into some folks in a diner, garage, and other spots; and these multiple characters are played by Julianne Whitehead and Pat Young.
The show is a comedy directed by Barry West on a stage designed by Angie Short. It works easily; in or out of the car.

The Art Station is at 5384 Manor Drive, Stone Mountain 30083. It’s actually pretty easy to get to off of 285, but you can do a google map or whatever….

The facility is an easy one with good views from all seats. Tickets and more info are at their website; OnstageAtlanta.com