Let Nothing You Dismay

let nothing you dismay

Let Nothing You Dismay

Stage Door Players

through December 20, 2015

There are but a few performances left this year for this riotous new play by our brilliant local playwright, Topher Payne. This is another example of the suggestion that the definition of dysfunctional should be “see family.”

For we meet these folks in the waiting room of a hospital where a young woman is about to give birth to a child whom she has agree to permit a young couple to adopt. In this non-stop laugh-fest there are 8 players doing 22 roles. If you did not read the review in the AJC, then you are fortunate; for it doesn’t do this work credit.

Shannon Eubanks has directed this one with all the players running in and out and doing some quick changes. Emily Sams and Ben Silver get stuck playing the adopting wanna-be parents; while Amanda Cucher, Bryan Brendle, Mark Grey, Doyle Reynolds and Gina Rickicki each play 3 roles as does Shelly McCook who shines as the weird-o earth mother type.

The play timing is set as Christmas eve, albeit doesn’t need to be that date. It does give one of the visitors a chance to redecorate the waiting room with a tree he happened to “find.” Typical of Topher’s works we have some strange family members and relationships. You’ll meet a nun who is part of the family, as well as some in-laws who are Jewish. There are youngsters and then the old folks who are the type who wonder about the hereafter; as in “what am I here after?”

This is one that we wish could be extended, but with the holidaze coming upon us, the show must close this weekend. But, let nothing you dismay, for I am willing to bet this will be back next year as it becomes a Christmas standard. There may be a few seats left if you visit StageDoorPlayers.net

And Merry Christmas to All . . .