Living on Love






Living on Love
Stage Door Players
through June 10, 2018

Joe DiPietro’s work is a real piece of work in so many ways. Come back to Manhattan in the 1950’s and meet maestro Vita DeAngelis (Michael Strauss) who is married to a diva, Raquel DeAngelis (Denise Whelan). If you think we have some folks in government who are calendar stars for Egotism, then this couple could be right up there also.

Vito has signed on to do a biography for a publisher who has assigned a ghost writer to speed up the action. But the maestro has his own timetable and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Just as the man servants, Bruce (George Deavours) and Eric (Stuart Schleuse). The ghostwriter at the start of this story is Iris (Lauren Boyd Lane) who is trying hard to get things done; but she isn’t doing much better than some others who were assigned to this work before her. Vito and Raquel have been married for many years and while there are issues which divide them, they seem to have survived living with each other’s egotism.

Raquel decides that if Vito can get a book deal, so can she; as she is a word famous opera star. She signs on with the same publisher who then assigns Robert (Roger Payano) to get her story ready for print. Things get interesting as Iris and Robert find lots of “situations” and wind up with the other’s assignment.

Directed by Robert Egizio and a terrific set by Chuck Welcome, the show is a festival of laughs, and one of the best you’ll ever see. Stage Door Players is easy to get to in Dunwoody, and has free parking and plenty of nearby restaurants. More info at