Love From a Stranger

Love From a Stranger
Onstage Atlanta
through October 31, 2021

What could more appropriate for an upcoming All Hallowed’s Eve than a typical Agatha Christie tale?  So OSA starts off their 50th year with this Christie story where things that might go right, go wrong and you have to try to figure out who will be the victim and who might be the killer. But in true Christie fashion all comes clear in the end.

A young woman named Cecily (Anna Fontaine) who has been in a protracted relationship with Nigel (Andy Szuran) to whom she is soon to be wed. She won some big bucks in a lottery and plans to rent out her flat and move on in life. Then a prospective tenant, Bruce (David Soyka) shows up and does a quick and passionate number on Cecily. Her friends, Mavis (Janie Young), Louise (Celesta Campbell), and Ethel (Casey Cudmore) are torn apart as she takes her leave with Bruce. Once they settle in to a remote rural home that she buys for £1,500 we also meet up with Hodgson the gardener (Mike Billips) who knows a lot more than just foliage. And later when Bruce starts to have an alleged problem we meet Dr. Gribble (Betty Mitchell) who can diagnose quite a few things in the lives of those she meets.

The show is directed by Daniel Carter Brown and runs about 2 hours with an intermission. The best thing about a staged murder is that you see it live and without commercial breaks. And just maybe you guess correctly. This is a very good production that captures the eyes and minds of those attending.

Know that the usual Covid protocols are followed, so bring your CDC card, photo ID and mask, even though you may look scary with it. OSA is easy to get to with free parking, comfy seating and good views from all seats. More info at