Mama Makes Up Her Mind

Mama Makes Up Her Mind
Art Station Theatre
through February 9, 2020

David Thomas, who is the Artistic Director of this theatre, really enjoyed the book of essays by Bailey White. Ms. White compiled 50 essays of her experiences growing up in rural Georgia back in 1994; and it was broadcast to lots of folks who enjoyed the tales.

This production brings 20 of the stories to us on a setting at their home. Karen Howell is Bailey, who lives with her aging mother and tries to accommodate the wishes of Mama (Judy Leavell) who agrees that you may be entitled to your own opinions, albeit she knows that she is right. Remind you of anyone in your family?

Benny Higgins is the third player to take the stage and he comes on as a different character in most of the scenes. It is incredible how he can go off stage and come back as an entirely different entity in less time that we might take to brush our teeth, or tie a shoe lace.

Under David Thomas’ direction the cast of three players lure us into the stories in full depth; and even if you never thought of parking your old Porsche on your Porch, it may give you something to think about and laugh.

The theatre is an easy trip to Stone Mountain Village and has free parking, comfortable seating, complimentary goodies and a concession stand. More info at