What a treat! You know the story is based on a collection of songs from ABBA, and the show is like Cats or Phantom. It will always come back, and always draw a great crowd of lovers who can’t get enough of it. And this is why we take off our hats and salute the City Springs Theatre Company for having the guts and the ability to bring it to the stage in these awful times.

Such a great amount of work with a large cast directed by Kristine Reese and Billy Tighe, with great dance numbers choreographed by Cindy Mora Reiser. Alas, the show could not be done at the usual indoor theater, so they put this all togeher to hit the boards at the Ameris Bank Amphitheatre (formerly the Verizon). And with strictly enforced Covid safety procedures, they played to an audience of more than 1,500 grateful viewers; who could watch the performance live on stage as well as video projected to large image screens adjacent to the stage.

Sad to say the show ran for only three performances, but as we may feel badly for the short run; we can also feel grateful that they got it done so well. The tavern owner, Donna (Kristine Reese) has a daughter, Sophie (Cecilia Trippiedi) who is about to be wed and she wants her dad to give her away. But, as you know, she hasn’t a clue who her father might be; so she invites all three, Sam (Benjamin H. Moore), Bill (Jeff Brooks) and Harry (Thanos Skouteris) to come to the island so maybe she’ll get to meet her dad.

The show runs through more than 20 numbers, every one of which makes folks want to stand, swing, clap and sing along; and that’s expected. This is a truly Broadway class theatre company; and if you missed this one just know that come September they will be back indoors at the Byer Theater in Sandy Springs. The Sound of Music opens September 10, and in next year they will bring us A Chorus Line in March, The Color Purple in May and West Side Story in July. So stay in touch with them at their website