Maytag Virgin

Maytag Virgin
Aurora Theatre
through February 11, 2018

Audrey Cefaly put this one together to bring us to a small town in Alabama in which two single people wind up living adjacent to each other, and how a relationship may or may not evolve.

Melissa Foulger directed the show with a perfect cast comprised of Courtney Patterson as Lizzy and Brad Brinkley as her neighbor, Mr. Jack Key. Jack has just moved in and has a lot of his junk in the front yard. He does know that the former owner died in the bedroom upstairs, but that isn’t a great deterrent. Domestic arrangements seem to be more.

Elizabeth (a/k/a Lizzy) is a teacher who recently lost her spouse, and is working through it. She wants to welcome Jack to the neighborhood, but is quite hesitant in her approach. But, Jack is even less responsive, and seems to be someplace else most of the time.

The two play off one another on a splendid set by Moriah and Isabel Curley-Clay that looks just like two real homes that we’ve all seen before. The story is how can these two be a couple, and when, if ever, that may occur. It is a really pleasant evening where nobody gets killed, there are no expletives, and no political commentary, except for dealing with the truth that those who forget the events of the past may have to relive them.

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