Menopause the Musical

Menopause the Musical
Strand Theatre
through September 19, 2021

If you didn’t get to see Menopause before, you’ve missed a riotous evening of good entertainment. So, . . . here’s your chance again. They’re back! Four wild women find one another in Bloomie’s and they are each dealing with the changes in life that they knew were coming, but didn’t really enjoy.

First thing I have to tell you is that a lot of guys could be put off by the show title or subject matter. But, it really is not just a chick show. For the guy who has an IQ higher than many politicians and understands that women face life changes as they age, it can be just as entertaining as it is for his lady. But, for the guy who’s world consists of watching race car drivers run around in circles it could be a bit like watching a film with subtitles. He wouldn’t dig that, either. But, this is really a great alternative for the YaYa Sisterhood to grab a fun evening out, even if it doesn’t offer big screen hi-def and slo-mo replay.

The cast of four wonderfully meshed players consists of Rebecca Fisher as the actress on the way to retirement, Anise Ritchie as the business woman, Melanie Souza as “Earth Mother” and Terri Dixon as a housewife from Iowa. Four distinctly different backgrounds and a perfect match up of ensemble acting and singing. It’s a great cast of very talented ladies.

The score is really unique in that it consists of licensed music mostly from the groovin’ 60’s so you will recall the tunes and much of the lyrics, except that the lyrics in this show are a parody written to tell their story. The old standard “Heat Wave” which dates from the 1930’s by Irving Berlin now resounds with, “I’m having a hot flash / A tropical hot flash / My personal summer is really a bummer / I’m having a hot flash.”

It was a delight to see this show playing to an almost sold-out house, and everybody having one great time. The Strand is on Marietta Square, with a public parking garage adjacent, and good seats throughout the house. While seating is not spaced widely apart, all patrons are requested to wear masks and don’t come if feeling lousy. More info and tickets at