Motherhood Out Loud

Motherhood Out Loud
Center Stage North
through May 13, 2017

OK.  So this weekend will be Mothers’ Day 2017.   And, several houses are playing works which may be dated but are relevant to current events.

In this production conceived and written by a team of 16, and directed by Judith Beasley and Karen Worrall, we find a cast if 15 women and 2 men who come and go in 19 scenes, most of which are monologues, and deal with motherhood, from preparing to give birth, to raising a child, to finding out that they all seem to grow up, and all the pitfalls and pleasures along the road as a mother.

It is not a show for the kiddies, and some guys may not quite relate to the tales as they spin out; as they are from the female perspective.  But, we all live in a real world, where the truth is that life is what happens while you wait for your plans to work out.

The show is well done, on a pretty static and stark stage, for the play is the thing, and it is an easy venue to get to with free parking and comfy seating.  More info and tickets at Center Stage