Ms. Holmes & Ms. Watson

Ms. Holmes & Ms. Watson
Synchronicity Theatre
through October 23, 2022

Everybody grew up knowing about Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson. And that miserable character, Moriarity. BUT, . . . how about recasting the story with some women? Suehyla E. Young directs a spoof that really is a hoot.

You first meet the gent who works the audience so that you know what you are about to witness may not probably be real. He’s O’Niel Delapenha, who also comes back in several other personae.

A young woman named Sherlock is trying to solve mysteries. She and her friends, Joan Watson decide to rent a flat at 221 Baker Street #2B. Joan is NOT a doctor of any sort and has to press that point, and Sherlock’s surname happens to be Holmes. Karen Cassady play Watson and Tara Ochs plays Holmes.

The case at hand involves some slutty female “companion” played by Vallea E. Woodbury. She is the type who may have done favors for some politicians and others who gladly pay for favors performed in private.

While Arthur Conan Doyle may take exception to the show, were he around to see it; and it certainly wouldn’t play at Savoy in London; it is an evening of real entertainment. More info and tickets at