My Son the Waiter

My Son the Waiter
7 Stages Theatre
through June 18, 2017

Actor, writer, comedian Brad Zimmerman put together this show which is somewhat the story of his life.  It isn’t easy to go from wanting to be on stage, to arriving center stage; and it has been the subject of many a play.

So Brad interacts with the house to tell how he started out, how he had to work as a waiter to make ends meet for much longer than he aspired to do so; and how he actually got the joy of opening for stars such as Joan Rivers and Billy Crystal.

After all, what Jewish mother wouldn’t wish that her son might become a doctor-a-doctor or a lawyer?   So the full title of the show is My Son the Waiter; a Jewish Tragedy.   But life is what happens while you wait for your plans to turn out.

A lot of the schticks are reminiscent of the Borscht Belt days and old Henny Youngman routines, and while you may know what the punch line might be, it’s still fun to be part of the evening.

The show is in Little 5 Points, and runs as a one-act 90 minute gig.  More info and tickets at