Nunsense Jamboree

Nunsense Jamboree
Marietta Theatre
through September 10, 2022

This is a sequel to Nunsense by Dan Goggin, which was originally staged here in 2018 and thoroughly enjoyed by those of any denomination; albeit this one comes off more as one for the ladies. Kelsey South returns as the Reverend Mother, Sister Mary Amnesia; and she will work the house for you with her three colleagues, Sister Mary Wilhelm (Camille Fairbanks), Sister Robert Anne (Caty Mae Loomis) and Sister Mary Lee (Akia Sembly).

You will also get to enjoy Father Virgil (Alexander Eberhart) who is there to help any way he can. Magda Roub appears in some scenes as well and they are all directed by Rachel Rudd.

The theatre is just south of Marietta Square and has cabaret seating as well as the usual rows. Comfy venue, and hard working cast providing a coupe of hours of entertainment that you won’t usually find at the Church. More info and tickets at