Old Jews Telling Jokes

Old Jews Telling Jokes
Strand Theatre – Marietta

A group of five players took the stage at The Strand to do their schticks as they sort of delved into what might have been the Henny Youngman book of jokes from Grossinger’s in the Catskills, in days of yore.

So many of the lines reminded one of the old “Take my wife. . . .” “Please.” and stories of how an old guy laid on his death bead and could smell his wife’s cooking as she baked some goodies. His dying wish was to enjoy one of her goodies before he left; but she couldn’t allow that, for it was for the shiva mourning gatherings.

The group of players worked on a stage with three chairs, and few props; as it was about the jokes. The audience enjoyed the production even though at least half the audience knew at least 75% of the gag lines. After all, who says an old geezer can’t remember nothing?

The show ran 95 minutes without an intermission, and kept up a good pace along the way. This is a touring company and will be playing in many other venues in the coming months. You may wish to check them out at /oldjewstellingjokesonstage.com/home, albeit postings may not be all that current.