Once on This Island

Once on This Island
Georgia Ensemble Theatre
through October 1, 2017

This one-act musical about the goings on in an island in the French Antilles, is so very poignant when we think of what has happened in the wake of Irma.

The story is derived from a book about star crossed lovers, My Love, My Love by Rosa Guy, and there are some of Romeo and Juliet sewn in. You meet a peasant girl on the side of the island never visited by the tourists. Ti Moune, the little girl (Myshay Pretty), is found by a couple who adopt and care for her. When she grows up she runs into a fellow, who has suffered a terrible injury, and she cares for him and helps him to regain his health. Daniel, the gent from the posh side of the island is played by Christian Magby and India Tyree is the adult Ti Moune.

The show is about love found, lost, refound and life in general. The show is very Caribbean, reminding one of some native areas in Haiti, where the hotels are up in the hills and the peons get by below and rarely do they meet. S. Renee Clark directed the live music performed from a niche at stage left, and this one is both choreographed and directed by Ricardo Aponte. It is on a fine set and with very colorful costumes.

The show runs about 90 minutes. What is so interesting is that this one took the stage in 1990 in NYC, and this coming November it will open at The Circle in the Square in NYC.

The cast of 11 players bring incredible talent and athleticism to the stage. Georgia Ensemble is easy to get to in Roswell with free parking and good views from all seats. More info at GET.org