Ontario Was Here


Ontario Was Here
Aurora Theatre
through March 4, 2018

Darren Canady from University of Kansas wrote this one about a couple of social workers trying to deal with problems of clients as well as their own aggravations. It is being produced on the black box stage at Aurora and brings us close to Penni (Brittany L. Smith) and Nathan (Seun Soyemi) who share an office space and are really getting “into it” on a daily basis.

One of their clients is a young man named Ontario. Although we don’t meet him on stage, he is the central focus of the show as Nathan and Penni each try to do for him what they personally deem best in the circumstances. And, not all works out as they would have it; for Ontario nor themselves.

Cynthia D. Barker directed this ultra high energy work. While it is very well done, with each actor having to be onstage every minute and recalling the script for 90 minutes act; it may not have legs due to the incessant yelling, screaming and profanities. So just know that while it makes us want to reconsider a lot of governmental issues and other social issues; that it is not for the youngsters nor for Ms. Prim.

The rest of us will be impressed and the theatre is in Lawrenceville on the main street with free public parking the garage adjacent. More info at AuroraTheatre.com