Prayer for the French Republic

Prayer for the French Republic
Actor’s Express
through May 14, 2023

It’s true that it really takes some cajones to find humor in tragedy. And playwright Joshua Harmon understands the very essence of that. It’s 2016 and the French are faced with some difficult choices; not unlike what we may see here in these days. This one specifically deals with the antisemitism and it’s emotional stress for the Jewish family, where some of the members are thinking of making aliyah to Israel.

The play is set on an open stage designed by the sisters Curley-Clay and is directed by Freddie Ashley. The story runs through 3 acts, in a little more than 3 hours with two intermissions. And we get to witness the imbedded dysfunctions relating to five generations and the seeking of peace and personal safety in a world that isn’t necessarily always fully changing.

The cast of eleven players does include Carolyn Cook and Susan Shalhoub-Larkin, and it was the winner of 2022 awards for best off-Broadway play and Drama Desk award. Can hatred of others ever be eradicated? Do we not hear about bombings of religious institutions, maltreatment of people of color, school shootings, and books and words you can not hear in schools; unless you are a student hanging out in the yard with others like yourself.

So as th French might opine, c’est la vie. This is a very well done show that opens your eye, ears and possibly brain cells. More info and tickets at