Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman
Fox Theatre
through September 18, 2022

The story has been around for more than30 years, and you may have seen the original film more than once. It’s the story of a very wealthy financial manipulator who finds a need for some arm candy in Hollywood. Olivia Valli plays the street girl, Vivian, who has her own way of making money by pleasing clients.

The gentleman visitor is Edward Lewis, played by Adam Pascal; who is holed up at a post hotel in Los Angeles, while he works on working out a deal that will satisfy all. That isn’t an easy deal to make, either.

The cast or more than two dozen players, sing and dance their way through 20 numbers, some of which you will really relate to. For fulfilling one’s dreams isn’t always a piece of cake. After all this was in the 1980’s when Hollywood was not always Happy-Town. Especially for the less than elite when they visited the shops on Rodeo Drive.

The sets are magnificent and the action runs smoothly through 2 acts and an intermission. There is a live orchestra under the direction of Daniel Klintworth and Jerry Mitchell is the director as well as choreographer. It’s a treat for the eyes and ears and closes this weekend, so grab your seats when you can. More info and tickets at