Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole
Center Stage North
through August 12, 2017

David Lindsey-Abaire penned this work several years ago. It went through some revisions and in 2007 won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The title may be somewhat obscure, however. But think that when Alice was in Wonderland she found that a rabbit hole was an adventure into the unknown; as rabbits burrow through a warren of passages on their travels.

In this play we meet a couple who are trying to work through their grief over the loss of their 4-year old son. The issue is how life goes on for those who are left. Alas, it is a conundrum that many of us have dealt with.

Izzy (Sorsha Masters) is a single woman who is in a relationship with a man we never actually meet. But, his name is Auggie and she is pregnant with his child. Her sister is Becca (Amanda Leigh Kraft) who tries to play the part of the more sane sibling. But, she has her issues and it is hard for her. It was her son, Danny, who was killed in an car accident some 8 months earlier.

Becca’s husband Howie (Keith Kraft) is also trying to cope with the loss, but in a different modality. Becca may seek solitude and see Danny wherever she may look; while Howie interacts with others in grieving counseling sessions. She thinks they should sell the home and move on in life. He is of a different mind.

As grim as the play may be there is some humor in it, provided by the girls’ mother, Nat (Shelly Barnett), who comes on like an Anne Meara type. And, Nat does understand where Becca is. As she lost her druggie son at age 30.

Danny was run over by a car when he ran into the street to chase his dog. And the young man who was driving, Jason (Benja Petty) is having his problems dealing with the hand that life has dealt.  C’est la vie . . .

The show is directed by Keith Kraft who puts his all into it, as does his real-time wife and the others. And while it is well performed, it would not be fully suitable for youngsters, or those who are themselves working through the process of grieving. Center Stage North is at 3605 Sandy Plains Rd, and easy to get to with free parking and good coffee and cookies. More info at CenterStageNorth.org