Red Speedo

Red Speedo
Actor’s Express
through September 5, 2021

So you have heard of some athletes who have used performance enhancing drugs to get them to a finish line easier and faster; whether it be in the marathon, or a wresting match or even the recent Olympics.

Lucas Hnath wrote this one about a swimmer working up for the Olympics who gets into a dilemma when some of those drugs are found in near the locker room at the pool. The swimmer, Ray (Marlon Andrew Burnley) is the really buff guy in those Speedos. Rest easy. You do not need to be wearing Speedos in the audience. Ray has a brother, Peter (Brian Ashton Smith) who is an attorney and acts has Ray’s agent. Peter has worked out a deal for Ray to get an endorsement contract with Speedo should he prevail in the upcoming competition.

But coach (Rob Cleveland) is more concerned with performance than with public relations, and the problem starts to get more difficult when Peter wants Ray to lie about things, and he even offers to buy off Coach with a hefty sum if he will step back and shut up. That’s not going to happen. And even Ray’s ex-girlfriend Lydia (Alexandra Ficken) gets pulled into the scene, inasmuch as she may have been the source for some of those goodies in the past.

The story is set pool-side, by the locker room area and it goes from self indulgence to self determination, to self defense among the characters. Directed by Freddie Ashley, the energetic play runs about 90 minutes and strict Covid rules are in effect. You will need to bring your proof of vaccination cards, or a photo of them, with you; or a recent good test result. Full details, including show times and tickets are easy to get to online at