Romeo & Juliet







Romeo & Juliet
Stage Door Players
through October 24, 2021

The Stage Door Players in Dunwoody are bringing the story of these ill-fated lovers to the stage in a manner that you’ve not seen before. Romeo (Josh Brelsford) and Juliet (Libby Williams) get stuck in the middle of the feuding families of Capulets and Montagues, You know how the tale ends.

But this is unique in that it is played upon a very stark stage and with players dressed in garbs of current times. The cast of ten players are under the direction of Willie E. Jones, III, and they exert a powerful performance.

It makes one think how the peasants of olden days could enjoy the shows by standing throughout the performance while only the peers had actual seats. And in olden days only men would trod the boards, and it was quite a while before a woman could come on as a woman. But, you’ll get a kick out of this one where gender and race have no roles to play; for the play’s the thing and they all carry on.

Normal Covid protocols are being followed and the venue has free parking and easy view from every seat in the house. And yes, the concession stand is open. All Hail!
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