RUTHLESS! The Musical

RUTHLESS! The Musical
OutFront Theatre
through May 20, 2023

Out Front is the leading LGBTQIA stage these days, and this delightful opus is one that is a co-production with Georgia State University and is directed by Paul Conroy. Joel Paley did the story and also the lyrics for all the musical number, while the score was crafted by Marvin Laird.

This is hoot of a tale of a young wanna-be star on Broadway many years ago, when agents ran the shows along with the producers. The costumes, set and staging all work so very well and while you wonder who is in drag and who may not be, the tale goes on, until the end. Albeit the end ain’t exactly what you might have thought. Egomania is a disease of the mind, and if you don’t think so then listen to some politicians.

Presented in two acts with plenty of stuff at the concession stand, the theatre is an easy one to get to, perfect view from every seat, and a ton of fun by every performer. More info at