Scandal: Sealab

Scandal: Sealab
Dad’s Garage
through September 24, 2021

Each Friday, take a voyage to Dad’s Garage to the soap opera now staged 20,000 leagues below the sea in the Aquatic Nuclear International Station (ANIS) where the show, developed by Jamie Warde will perform a new story every week, as a cast of several players in some weird costumes respond to a story line they knew nothing of, before the improvisor narrator who is onstage next to the keyboard player calls them onstage and feeds them the interaction scenario.

Improv is the specialty of Dad’s Garage where they’ve done such work for more than 20 years, and they can still bring the house down as they hit the boards. Appropriate social distancing and other safety measures are observed, and it is a delight to see great stuff back to be performed live onstage.

If you’ve had enough on TV of doctors and politicians, this is one terrific relief. Located south of Little Five Points with free parking, open bar, and some goodies, Dad’s Garage is easy to get to and enjoyable to visit. This is not a show for the kiddies, but isn’t going to offend those of us who are old enough to buy a beer.

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