School of Rock

School of Rock
Fox Theatre
through October 21, 2018

For some of us old-timers, it may be hard to conceive that Andrew Lloyd Webber created this one. It isn’t a Cats or Phantom, and unless you can just keep singing Stick It to the Man, you aren’t going to leave the theater humming the tunes. This is quite different, in that it is all about kids and rock music. If rock isn’t your genre, you may be a bit concerned in the opening scenes; but hang in as things get much better as the story develops.

If you have seen the film or know the story, it’s about a rock musician whose career has yet to take off, and how he grabs a strange opportunity to make something of, and for, himself at a posh prep school. And that is where the real action takes place, as he turns those bored kids into a rock group that rocks the town.

Merritt David Janes is on stage throughout the play as Dewey, the rock loser. He carries the load of keeping things on the track as he is onstage with a dozen young players, who are actually hitting the keys and strumming the tunes they work through; even though an orchestra is in the pit to fill in other music. They work through 20 scenes and quite a few numbers, and energy may be what it is all about.

It does bring to mind why so many actors never like to share the stage with animals or kids. These youngsters are an incredible delight, and the audience goes ape for them as they win a big competition in the final scene.

So, knowing it isn’t all a sing-along type of show, it is one that youngsters and oldsters with a love of rock will thoroughly enjoy. And even if you aren’t a rock fan, you can enjoy the story as all comes out well in the end. More info at