Second Samuel

Second Samuel
Onstage Atlanta
through September 26, 2021

Y’all come on in to this here one-horse town somewhere in Georgia back in the 1940’s. It was one of those places where everybody knew everybody and everything about everybody. Didn’t have to marry a cousin to get to hear all the dirt. Their primary understanding was that neighbors help neighbors, and they were proud to stand by that. But, even in utopia things can go awry; and they sure did when Miss Gertrude passed away.

It seems there was something about Miss Gertrude that nobody other than her doctor (Hunter Showalter) had ever heard about. And when some of the stuff came to the front, many questions arose as to where the poor lady should be interred. Some might say she should be sent back where she came from; but Second Samuel was really her home after 25+ years there.

A cast of 11 players take the stage on a really god set designed by Barry N. West, who also directed this very intriguing production. A lot of the action is narrated by B Flat (Geoffrey Goff). Nat Martin plays US, the townie of a different background who isn’t gong to accept any kind of discrimination. The local pub owner is Frisky (Matthew Easter) and he’s married to Omaha (LeeAnna Lambert). But they have some odd-ball interactions.

Omaha and three other ladies (Lisa Gordon, Courtney Loner, and Elizabeth Underwood) meet up at the salon and all hell can break loose among them when they get in the Miss Gertrude details. Inasmuch as the play’s the thing, I can’t tell you what that problem is; but as they move through Act I, you will be sucked into the details. The other guys are played by Paul Spadafora, Charles Bohanon and Steven Medina; and every one of the cast does a perfect job.

For as we move on to Act II, we feel as if we are living among the folks at Second Samuel; as they must work through their differences of opinions vis-a-vis Miss Gertrude; who we never actually meet for she has passed away. The show is a little less than 2 hours, including intermission.

Onstage follows Covid safety protocols. You must show proof of vaccination or recent test, wear your mask at all times in the facility and consume any food and beverages on the patio. But that’s just life these days in Second Samuel or Atlanta. We all want to stay healthy and somewhat sane.

This show is not really for the kiddies, but everybody in the audience will enjoy it thoroughly. More info and tickets at