The Musical
Onstage Atlanta
through January 21, 2018

This is the send-off production at Onstage Atlanta before a soon to be announced relocation. And during the months of making the move, they’ll take a line from the Alliance M.O. and play around town at 7 Stages, the Art Station, and possible other venues.

Zip Rampy brought together a fine cast of a eight players to retell the story of The Silence of the Lambs, as a musical comedy noir. Only problem is that most of the comedy may not get through. Most of the goofy stuff is portrayed by a group of lambs, who could easily be mistaken for bunnies. Russ Ivey plays Lecter and he pulls the role off with great aplomb, as does Barbara Cole Uterhardt as the inquisitive Clarice; who is trying to delve into Lecter’s inner being, whatever that might be. Buffalo Bill is played by Zac Phelps, while Daniel Pino comes on in more than a dozen roles.

This play had somewhat limited runs in NYC, London and elsewhere; and while it garnered some awards, it isn’t Cats or Phantom by any measure. In fact, you do not want to try to bring any kids to this one, nor would Ms. Prim or the Bible Thumpers be able to handle the ever present expletives and single entendres. The one in Act I which is program noted as If I Could Smell Her C*̂$ sets the stage for more of the same ilk in Act II.

Nick Silvestri directed the music of the three players, while Zac handled the choreography. This is not their usual genre, but is a special event to help funding for the Metropolitan Atlanta Theatre Awards, and for that we must stand by their side in appreciation, as so much of the work is pro bono. They do advise that the show is rated R, and is a size 14 R, so as any boy scout would advise, if you go, just be prepared.

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