Song & Dance

Song & Dance
Aurora Theatre
through September 12, 2021

The Aurora is back in business and their business is to please a house full of happy fans. This time they have brought to the stage Andrew Lloyd Webber’s show that has not been seen by the mobs who know Cats and Phantom.

It’s soooooo different in that the band, under the direction of Ann-Carol Pence is onstage. The title of the show is a brief description of how the show is staged in that Act 1 is all a story of relationships experienced by one woman, played to the hilt by India Tyree. While Act 2 is all dance, with no lyrics; hence the title becomes more obvious as the show goes forth. The dance portion was choreographed by Angela Harris, and there are some exciting moves in it. But, don’t try them at home.

A cast of more than a dozen players do their numbers on a stage with a movable prop staircase and just some ever changing background colors; for as the Bard said, the show’s the thing. This opus is co-directed by Lillianagina Quińones and Justin Anderson.

Know that the Aurora has your safety as first consideration. Bring your vaccination card with you, be ready to pass the temperature check and know that you must wear your mask at all times in the facility. But, we all have to obey the rules if we want to get out of the house at times; so enjoy the show. More info and tickets at