Square Blues

Square Blues
Horizon Theatre
through August 21, 2022

Atlanta playwright Shay Youngblood is one who has been around the world, seen a lot, and rationalized the irrational acts of many over the years. This opus takes place here in Atlanta and spans 30 years from 1992 to now. She digs in to the prejudice imposed on the black and other minor communities including the LGBTQ as it has become to be identified. STDs were a sign of evil doings, as they still be seen to this day. Black folks had troubles qualifying for mortgages and credit cards, as some still do. Unfair actions don’t just fly away by wishing them to do so.

Thomas W. Jones, II and Lisa Adler co-directed this energetic production starring Jay Jones as Square Blue, and the family and friends played by Chantel Maurice, Olivia Dawson, Marliss Amiea and Patty de la Garza. A very stark looking set seen at the opening, certainly evolves dramatically as designed by the sisters Curley-Clay.

This is one that really opens doors to deep thinking. We’re all supposed to be humans, ergo we are each entitled to be treated as such. More info and tickets at HorizonTheatre.com