The classic STOMP returned once more to Atlanta to amaze a pretty full house with their one-of-a-kind type of show.

Hard to imagine these kinds of acts coming across the pond from Scotland. They would usually be thought of as coming from the Village. A company of eight players hit the stage with no character names. So you never really know who is who, as the personalities are irrelevant.

What the show is about is orchestration, choreography and athleticism. It is the show where they play on tin cans, huge rubber tires, waste baskets, trash barrels, kitchen sinks and anything else that one might find laying around in an alley someplace.

There are no spoken lines, and no plot. But, plenty of action and pretty high volume. If you’ve seen it before you know the routine, and not much has changed. It’s like a circus act; but so much longer than anything you would have seen under the Big Top.

It came to The Fox this past week for two nights only, and this company hits the road with such gusto you wonder how they could possibly do 5 of these shows in one week. But, it’s nice to be young.