Center Stage North
through May 14, 2016

Hurry up. This one closes tomorrow.

Based on the film, “Some Like it Hot” it is a campy tale of a couple of down-on-their luck musicians in The Windy City. They happen to see a mob murder scene and run off, to be chased by the bad guys.

They try to get a gig with a band, but the only band with any seats open is an all-girl band; so what are they to do?: You guessed it. They come on in drag and it works out until the mobsters figure out what’s what and then it gets nuttier.

The principal female voice is Sugar Kane (Emily Decker) and she’s being managed by Sweet Sue (Mary Beth Morrison). The two musicians in the pits (pun intended) are played by Zachary Stutts and Joe Arnotti, and they have a ball (no pun intended) with the roles.

Chris Inker directed this one with plenty of eye candy, and a live musical duo onstage throughout the show. Alyssa Davis choreographed this one and the cast of many players does a good job with it.

It is zany, silly, and funny, and you’ll enjoy it. It may not have memorable numbers, but it will be a memorable evening.