Aurora Theatre
through April 9, 2023

Even if you don’t recall the Disco Days or Donna Summer, you will still wind up totally submerged into the musical bio-doc presentation. With direction and choreography by Patdro Harris and music under the baton of Ann-Carol Pence, a cast of more than 20 players will sing and dance their way into your mind.

You meet Donna and family as her life moves through relationships in Germany as well as USA, and she sings most of her numbers as the Diva Donna (Marliss Ameia) and Disco Donna (Desirė Gaston)

They work their story through two dozen numbers, including some like Love to Love you Baby, She Works Hard for the Money, and I Believe in Jesus. Playing to a full house it was almost as many of the folks wanted to jump up and sing and dance along; even at the end when the Disco lights came on.

It is a one-act presentation a bit less than 2 hours, withgreat seats, plenty of parking and easy to get to in downtown Laurenceville. Enjoy it. More info and tickets at