Lyric Theatre
through June 24, 2018

Come into the jungle and really go ape over this wonderful staging of the Tarzan musical based on the Disney film. With music and lyrics by Phil Collins and directed by Chris Brent Davis, this show really delivers up to the audience. Great costumes by Amanda Edgerton West and super exciting choreography by Cindy Mora Reiser, the cast of more than 20 players take to the stage designed by Daniel Patillo to tell the story of the boy raised by the primates.

When we first meet the young Tarzan (Vinny Montague) he is incredible. This young man does it all; acts, sings, dances, and does acrobatics with ease. He is taken into the tribe by Kala (Leslie Bellair) and allowed to stay after Kerchak (Marcus Hopkins-Turner) finally agrees to have a different species residing with his family.

As the show progresses the older Tarzan comes to the stage. He is played by Stanley Allyn Owen, who also can do it all. After all, what else would a homo sapiens do if living in a primates tribe in a jungle. Then he meets Jane (Alison Wilhoit), who is there with her father’s safari group on some research; and some of his human emotions start to develop.

Things go awry when Jane’s father, (Steve Hudson) gets into a problem with his safari manager (Hayden Rowe) has a different plan of activity than that of the Professor Porter. You probably recall the grand scheme of the story by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and while one of the gorillas does get done in, in the last scene; it is a scenic delight for all the kids from 3 to 93.

You will really enjoy all the flying done in the scenes, and the music managed by Preston Goodson is spot on. Forget about New York, it doesn’t get any better than this production. For more info: AtlantaLyric.com