The Cake

The Cake
Horizon Theatre
through June 23, 2019

A few years ago there was some character who ran a bakery in Colorado who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. He actually got sued and won the case based on his First Amendment rights to his religious beliefs. And while Bekah Brunstetter wrote this play based on that weird news story; it seems that nothing much has changed.

In our county, which is allegedly a non-religious nation, we do have a god blessing the nation, and our nation’s trust in the almighty is engraved on every unit of our currency. So, if you think that Archie Bunker is history you may need to keep up with the insane daily news.

In this comic drama we find that the baker lady, Della (Marcie Millard), owns a shop in Winston, NC; and the daughter of a dear friend, who has passed away, shows up to ask if she’ll bake her a cake for her upcoming nuptials. The girl, Jen (Rhyn McLemore Saver), is really attached to Della who was always sort of like an aunt to her. But, when Della meets her fiancé, Macy (Parris Sarter), she freaks out. It seems that Macy is black as well as female. Not quite the usual in Della’s world. She’s torn between what she wants to do and what she wants to avoid doing.

Hubby, Tim (Allan Edwards), is the Archie Bunker of the saga, and the life of Della and Tim isn’t quite what either may have wished for. They’re pretty much a Henny Youngman couple. But, as the story progresses you enjoy how Della seeks to bring some physical joy back to her life, even if Tim isn’t that into the idea at the outset.

What is so thought provoking is that the days of bigotry are hardly gone from our society. Just listen to some of those politicians and you’ll know that the more things change the more they may stay the same. The set by Isabel and Moria Curley-Clay is superb and the show runs about 100 minutes without intermission. But, hang in there as all comes right in the end.

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