The Flower Room








The Flower Room
Actors Express
through May 13, 2018

This is a world premiere of a new work by Daryl Liza Fazio whose many works have played around town here as well on the road. This one is a story about a woman who comes to terms with taking management of her own body and sexuality.

OK; so there may be some slight nudity, but it isn’t anything you haven’t see before. Stacey Melich is Ingrid who is just moving through her middle years. She is a professor who is doing work on sexuality through the ages. She has a friend, Miles (Joshua Quinn). And, her brother is Anthony (Matthew Busch). Eliana Marianes plays the other woman, Cherry. (No pun intended)

What’s empowering about this one, is that while there may be a manage a trois, or other intimacy, nothing is imposed upon Ingrid. The Flower Room is just the decor of her bedroom, and it is beautiful.

Directed by Melissa Foulger and a fine set designed by Kristina White, this is a one-act show, but is deeply moving. It sort of like watching something from the various movements to raise up women to equal status at work, school and in the bedroom.

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