The Graduate







The Graduate
Act3 Playhouse
through October 28, 2018

If you saw the film where Anne Bancroft seduces Dustin Hoffman, then you will really dig the play, and want to sing along with Simon & Garfunkel’s tune. Act3 has redesigned their stage and it is working quite well.

Caveat: this is NOT for kiddies or Ms. Prim, as it contains what we now refer to as “adult themes.” Benjamin (Aaron Hancock) is a young man just out of college and his parents, played by Paul Spadafora and Gisele Frame, are throwing him a party where their friends are most of the guests. One problem is that Ben is not at all interested in the affair, and as the plot develops a somewhat different affair comes into play.

Johnna Barrett Mitchell is Mrs. Robinson, who is both a cheater and a cougar . Her hubby is played by Stephen DeVillers and they provide a lot of the angst and augments, once their daughter, Elaine (Madelayne Shammas), is drawn into the action by parents of both her and Benjamin. So here is a story where anything that could go wrong, seems to do so, but all comes out OK in the end.

The show is staged in many scenes and directed by Michelle Davis and the cast also includes Paul Danner, Angel Escobedo, Kelly Moore and Julie Ferguson in supporting roles. The running time is about 2hours, with one intermission. And, this small local theater is located behind the Trader Joe’s on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. East to get to, plenty of free parking, and all seats have a good view of the stage. More info at