The Hobbit





The Hobbit
Synchronicity Theatre
through February 23, 2020

This production derived from the classic story by J.R.R.Tolkien may be something the youngsters may think they know all about, but this presents some parts of the story in a way not before seen. To make it even more accessible for youngsters the theatre time is set for 7pm, so that you’re out of the venue by about 9.

This work by Greg Banks includes music by him and Tom Johnson.  It is directed by Jake Guinn, and has but five players in about 20 roles. Ash Anderson who plays Gandalf stuns the audience as he is on stage wearing jumping stilts. Not something we need to try at home. Brooke Owens comes on as Bilbo Baggins, who gets drafted to help the 13 dwarves find the treasures in the cave.

A wide range of parts are handled by Tennison Barry III, Ryan Vo and Benedetto Robinson. While the stage setting may be unusual in some respects, the truth is that it works quite well for all the incredible acrobatics and prat falls.

The show runs about an hour and 45 minutes, with the first act almost a full hour. When the seats start to fill up you feel as if you are on a Carnival cruise; but the young folks really understand the play is the thing, and they become immersed and quiet.  The Friday evening performance is a Jammy Party night and many of the kids wore their PJs. Thankfully the AARP crowd did not.

They are playing to very filled houses, so you may wish to get your tickets early and get there early as it is open seating. If there is a parking space on the street, the meter cockroaches can’t tag you after 7pm. But, you can also use the garage and the theatre can provide a discounted exit pass for you. They also have plenty of goodies so that nobody, other than a dwarf, has to worry about malnourishment. More info at