The King and I

The King and I
Fox Theatre
through October 1, 2017

Once there was a book, Anna and the King of Siam, and from it’s pages Rodgers and Hammerstein crafted one of the most famous of Broadway shows, which to these days plays around the world.

It’s a story about a woman from England who accepts a job to be the teacher to the children of the Potus of Siam (now known as Thailand). He’s an egotistical pain, who feels superior to everyone in his land. And his children number in the sixties and the group continues to expand as he plants his seed so often.

He’s promised this teacher a home of her own, but reneges on that, much to her dismay. But, she gets attracted to the kiddies and toughs it out; finally getting the king to reassess his attitudes.

This touring production from the Lincoln Center stars Laura Michelle Kelly as Anna, and Jose Lana as the king. With a great set, a live orchestra in the pit, and some terrific costumes and a cast of dozens of players, the show is a delight to the ears and the eyes.

The ballet in Act II, about their interpretation of Uncle Tom’s Cabin is just terrific, and the numbers like I Whistle a Happy Tune , Hello Young Lovers, and Shall We Dance will be fondly remembered by those who recall the show and the score from days of yore.

It closes Sunday, so for more info and tickets visit And, if you want to escape the NYC style parking fees think about Marta to North Avenue.