The Life & Death of Richard II

The Life & Death of Richard II
Shakespeare Tavern
through May 13, 2018

We’ve all read and seen many a Shakespearean production, but Richard II is quite different than most. First of all it is one that is entirely in verse, and with a cast of more than 20 players.

Drew Reeves directs this one, where we meet Richard II, in his royal setting. There was much chatter back around 1398 that he was a bit gay, and while The Bard doesn’t delve into that, Lee Osorio as King Richard, comes on that way at the start of the play.

Like most of the plays of William Shakespeare we find love, hate, loyalty and treachery.
Richard steps in to a trial between Thomas Mowbray (Peter Hardy) and Henry Bolingbroke (Maurice Ralston). For it is Bolingbroke who winds up taking the crown in 1399 as Henry IV. One of the characters who seems to be on either side at either time is the Earl of Northumberland (Al Stilo).

As to where the story line goes, Richard winds up being sent off to the castle of Pomfret, where he later meets his fate; and so the story ends. Except most of these stories never really end; as intrigue, greed and hostility pervade many rulers to this day.

If you’re sick of the news of the day, you may well enjoy the news of days gone by. But, the show ends this weekend; as their next production, As You Like It, opens May 19th. There may be some problems for the characters in that one as well, but the story line is easier to get through. Most shows start at 7:30 and the Tavern pub opens at 6:30 where you can grab some grub and chew down at your table. For more info go to