The Light

The Light
Horizon Theatre
through April 17, 2022

Here is a one-act play that is soooo moving, you wonder how the two actors can handle it several times a week. Joy Webb’s story is about Rashad (Enoch King) and his love, Genesis (Cynthia D. Barker) working through some difficult relationship times; as they refer to stories we may deem to be common place for many folks; especially in the black community.

Directed by Marguerite Hannah on another splendid set by Isabel and Moriah Curley-Clay; they draw you deeply into the story taking place in Chicago area just a few years ago.

This is not one for the kiddies; but for those of us willing to open both our eyes and ears with our brains. The show runs about 80 minutes without an intermission, so take care of your needs before getting comfy. The theatre is in Little Five Points, free parking, good seating and easy to deal with. It is a very intriguing production.

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