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The Michael O’Neal Singers
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The Past 25 Years

The Michael O’Neal Singers, who go by the “MOS” acronym, put on quite a show this week at the Roswell United Methodist Church, where 149 members of the chorus presented numbers from musicals of the past 25 years.

The MOS are a grand asset and tradition to our community, and they draw huge crowds whenever they take the stage. The auditorium at RUMC welcomed probably more than 1500 patrons; who even got to sing along in three of the numbers.

If you take a seat up close, but on the side of the stage, you get a wonderful opportunity to observe Dr. O’Neal as he conducts; for his body language clearly expounds his joy in what he’s doing, as he dances, sings, smiles, and keeps the beat going.

Being home to the MOS as well as the ASO chorus, is a treat for our town. The MOS will start their 2016-2017 season on August 14th when their Summer Singers group will present Openers and Closers. Then the full chorus comes back in October with Music Fit for a King. This is truly a labor of love for the members; who rehearsed for seven weeks for this one-night gig. You have to not only be proud of their accomplishments but want to extend a big Thank You to each and every member of the MOS.

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