The Pin-Up Girls

The Pin-Up Girls
Art Station Theatre
through August 14, 2022

Theatre pros, James Hindman and Jeffrey Lodin came together and collaborated in creating The Pin-Up Girls. If you’re under the age of AARP membership, you may not have the name of the show bringing up mental images from the days of 1940’s and decades which followed. For those were days when photos of screen stars might find themselves taped into the personal lockers of people in the armed services and maybe even your local fire station crew. It was a time when Playboy came into print as well.

This work is set in a VFW meeting hall, where four women are to appear to entertain the surviving troops and inspire themselves and all present by taking their leads from letters home written from the battle fields.

The quartet is made up of Meredith Bennett, JoAnna Johnson and Katie Patterson who share the stage with a gent (Layne MacPherson) who shows up to stand-in for the 4th gal who couldn’t make it. Patrick Hutchison is at the keyboard and is music director for this show, as he is for all recent shows at Art Station.

There is no play list for the show as they’re happy to ad lib when needed and to have you singing along with them. It’s kind of like an almost Andrews Sisters onstage and you’ll also get to see Bob Hope when he shows up to entertain the folks. This is a very pleasant show that will play well to folks from teens to old enough to recall those bad old days.

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