The Play that Goes Wrong

The Play that goes Wrong
Aurora Theatre
through June 18, 2023

This typical Brit Farce was written by Henry Lewis, Henry Shields and Jonathan Sayer; who not-surprisingly are in the UK, and it has been playing to SRO houses there since it first hit the boards. So we should shout Hurrah for Heidi Cline McKerley who has stepped up to direct this opus where anything, or everything, which could go wrong seems to do so.

I can’t reveal much of the story line other than to let you know it’s about a murder being investigated at the Haversham Manor. Inspector Carter (Marcello Audino) gets the 911 call when Charles, the lord of the manor (Chris Hecks), is found dead on a chaise lounge. The butler, Perkins (Jeff McKerley) tries to get a little order into what’s happening; but that may not work out quite well. They’re hitting the stage with 5 more terrific characters each played by well known performers

Let’s just say that while this may not be for the kiddies, since they’ll not quite get what’s happening; but you won’t really get what’s about to occur. It is a non-stop riot that runs about 2 hours and keep everybody laughing and clapping. This an incredible job with great actors, marvelous sets and a lot of work carried off in grand style.

There is one guarantee: You will thoroughly enjoy this NYC quality production in Lawrenceville. Seats are going fast, so get yours when you visit their website at