The Pretty Pants Bandit

The Pretty Pants Bandit
Georgia Ensemble Theatre
through April 17, 2022

This is a grand world premiere of a show crafted by Chase Peacock and Jessica DeMaria, with a cast of about 20 players and a live band on stage, as the story moves along by performance of 20 numbers. It is almost an operatic performance.

The story is based on the activities of a woman gang leader in the 1930’s in Miami. In those days Miami was an “open city” which meant that no one mafia gang claimed exclusive rights. Ergo, corruption was rampant; as it was in other big cities like Chicago, New York and Boston.

The woman who took the name Marie Baker (Anna Dvorak) was the wife of a money launderer for a gang; and he had records of where and how the funds had been hidden. She took the info from his notes when she took her leave of him, and went out to recruit her own gang. It was then that they started taking down some of the funds and the capo of the group her husband worked for was not a happy camper.

Dan Ford plays Angelo, the money manager; and Chris Damiano plays the Chief of Police who is under the thumb of Angelo. A lot of the action relates to a reporter for a local newspaper (Gloria Rowe) who always seems to be on-scene quickly and pushing Marie to front page celebrity status. Fenner Eaddy, Jordan Patrick, Skyler Brown and Sebastian Trevińo along with Lattice Pace are all on stage with all the ensemble players as well.

Directed by James Donadio and music conducted by Alli Reinhardt, the show bounces off the walls. While masks are not required, there are special seating areas for all masked patrons; and CDC card or negative test should be with you. Easy to get to, with plenty of free parking and good views from all seats; so go online and get your tickets at