The Rocky Horror Show

The Rocky Horror Show
Out Front Theatre
through November 5, 2017

Atlanta’s LGBTQIA Theatre is starting off their second season with one dynamic production. Richard O’Brien probably could never have anticipated that when he did the book, music and lyrics for this rock opera, that it would have run for years in London and around the world.

The story is about a couple; Janet (Ally Duncan) and her fiancé, Brad (Jacob Jones) falling into a Draculan abyss when their car breaks down and they try to find a place with a phone they might use. It’s there that they get into deep trouble in this weird place run by Dr. Frank N. Furter (Kiona Reese) and filled with a crowd of transvestite zombies.

The cast of about a dozen players fill the house with unending energy which is also sent back to them by the high levels of crowd appreciation. Matt Busch directed this show and it is a true power house. If you’re thinking of Sly Stallone, this certainly has nothing to do with him. And, if you are already a Rocky fan, you will enjoy seeing Max Mattox in that roll.

The venue is easy to get to and has valet parking available. Note: this sure as hell ain’t for Ms. Prim, the kiddies nor Potus. More info at